Missouri State House

Missouri Passes Strong New Child Abuse Reporting Legislation

Late last week, new legislation strengthening child abuse reporting requirements was signed into law and will crack down on offenders in a more effective manner. From The Missouri Times:  The bill, sponsored by Rep. David Wood, R-Versailles, adds more crimes to the list for which individuals can be added to the Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry […]

Koster Labor Donations

Koster Continues To Bankroll His Campaign With Union Money

After receiving a quarter million dollar donation last month from the nation’s largest public sector union AFSCME, yesterday Chris Koster took in a combined $150,000 in donations from the UFCW and the Western Missouri and Kansas Laborers’. As detailed by The Kansas City Star in April, Chris Koster has now raked well over $1 million […]

6.4.16 Columbia Daily Tribune Front Page

FRONT PAGE: Koster Skips Forum, Offends Activists

Hopefully Chris Koster wasn’t in Columbia on Saturday because he would not have enjoyed waking up to The Columbia Daily Tribune’s front page. The paper reported that activists and organizers were not happy that Koster chose to skip a Democratic candidate forum held by the Boone County Muleskinners this past Friday. While Koster offered to […]


SHOCKER: Koster Leading The Pack In Big $ Donations

In his latest example of hypocrisy, The Kansas City Star reported yesterday that gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster, “has by far the most large donors of any candidate, with 70 individuals and groups cutting him checks of more than $5,000 this year alone, totaling more than $2.6 million.” Just a few months ago, Koster claimed he […]


Kander Defends VA Secretary For Comparing Wait Times To Disneyland

Yesterday’s inflammatory comments from Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald about how wait times at VA hospitals drew rebuke across the board, and for good reason: Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald downplayed Monday the time it takes for veterans to receive medical treatment by comparing the “experience” of waiting for health care to Disneyland guests waiting […]

Governor Nixon Not A Fan Of Common Sense Tax Breaks

For some reason Governor Nixon has not been receptive of the tax breaks passed by the Republican-led Legislature in Missouri. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the tax breaks seek to aid members of the military, the disabled community, farmers affected by disaster, and businesses looking to move to Missouri. Instead of giving a much-needed […]

5.21.16 Targeted FB Ad - Arrowhead Stadium

Chris Koster: He’s Not On Our Team

As Democrats gather at Arrowhead Stadium tonight, Missouri Rising wants to take this opportunity to bring up how editorial boards from across the state have frequently pointed out that Chris Koster isn’t playing for the home team. As a well-known political opportunist who only cares about advancing his career and achieving his personal goals, Koster isn’t […]

LCV Endorsement Of Kander Is Bad News For Missouri

The League of Conservation Voters’ endorsement of Jason Kander may help him line his pockets with money from the radical Environmentalist Left, but it only spells disaster for the people of Missouri. By bankrolling his campaign, Kander will be beholden to these special interest groups who propose ideas that would crush Missouri’s economy and are […]